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Online Membership June 5th-July 5th, 2020

Online Membership June 5th-July 5th, 2020


Online membership is valid for 1 student for 1 month period. If you register more than one student, increase the number of memberships accordingly. Then click “Add To Cart”.

Online classes will be passcode protected. Once we confirm your registration, Zoom link with online class access will be sent to you via email and also stored in your account on
Online membership includes 3 lessons per week related to your belt level. Online membership will be required to be renewed every month.

Your offline membership will be put on hold and you will not be charged for offline membership until our physical location reopens and you come back. For the weeks or months that you have already paid for – it will be saved as credit when you come back to our physical locations for offline classes. You will use your credit first, and then your offline membership will resume.

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Learn traditional Taekwondo from high level masters and instructors.

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