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Due to COVID-19, our gyms are on temporary closure until further notice. Please stay well and safe.
We invite you to join our online tkd classes.

For online taekwondo class registration please complete the form below. Currently the online classes are offered from Monday to Friday and the class times will be between 3 pm to 7 pm, depending on your belt level. Schedule may change depending on the demand. Please see below the detailed schedule for your belt level.

Online membership

Online membership fee is $100.57 (incl. tax) monthly per person starting June 5th, 2020, which includes 3 lessons per week related to your belt level. Online membership will be required to be renewed every month, and our online class will be offered as long as gym remains closed. Online classes will be passcode protected. We will get back to you with the passcode once we confirm your registration.

Online membership is temporary and will only be used for online classes.


The payment can be made through e-Transfer :
(please include your child’s name in the memo section when you are sending the e-Transfer)

If you register more than one student, you can combine individual fees in one e-Transfer payment (e.g. 1 student=$100.57;  2 students=$201.14;  3 students=$301.71)

We offer 2 payment options

1) PAUSE OFFLINE MEMBERSHIP – SWITCH TO ONLINE MEMBERSHIP. Your offline membership will be paused and you will not be charged until our physical location reopens and you come back. For the weeks or months that you have already paid for – it will be saved as credit when you come back to our physical locations for offline classes. You will use your credit first, and then your offline membership will resume.

2) CONTINUE OFFLINE MEMBERSHIP. Your offline membership will not be paused and your online classes will be paid against your offline membership.

Your support for local small business means so much to us. It is essential to sustain our Taekwondo school while we are on a temporary closure. We promise that we will give back with what we got – provide the best learning experience for you and/or your child’s martial arts journey.



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Zoom live taekwondo class on April 20, 2020.
Great job everyone who attended today’s online training. We are glad to see you all. Keep going and join the next class.

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