Junior Intermediate Class, Belt Level: yellow to green, Age 5 – 12.
Yellow Belt – The color yellow indicates that the person is getting to know the basic techniques; this level in indicative to a plant growing its roots. The basics help students develop balance and coordination that will aid them in their Martial Arts training as well as other activities. Students begin free sparring at the rank of Yellow Belt.  They will work more closely with a partner in our classes, and begin to put together their own combinations learning control, safety rules, and target recognition.
Green Belt – The color green indicates that a student is growing as a Taekwondo student.  The color of the belt is compared to a plant growing its leaves. Having demonstrated control and safety, now the students are continuing to learn more advanced Taekwondo techniques (combinations, spin kicks, and jump kicks) and are gaining a deeper understanding of how these techniques work together.

If you already have martial arts experience, you can join the class that fits your belt level.

To register for the Junior Intermediate Program, please do one of the following things right now:

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2. Book free trial class online. Simply fill out a few simple questions and the coordinator will contact you shortly.

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