Martial arts gear you must have

Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy: Martial arts gear you must have

Learning martial arts requires specific gear that can protect you from injuries as well as help you execute the movements properly. If you’re wondering what to bring for your first training session, here are some items to consider:


The first thing you need before you begin your training is your uniform. Although Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy provides beginners with a uniform for trial lessons, you can bring your own set to the gym. Wearing a uniform during training helps you feel more confident and motivated as you learn to execute the moves. 

The types of uniforms vary depending on the martial art you plan to pursue. To make sure that you purchase the right uniform, it’s better to seek advice and additional information from your instructor. 


Complete your training outfit with a belt accordion to your level of expertise. Aside from holding your clothes in place, belts are used as a form of grading system in most martial arts. The ranks are determined through a progression of colours that commonly start with white. 

Additionally, the thickness and width of belts are different in every martial art so it is recommended that you ask your instructors for advice.

Gloves and footwear

Gloves and footwear are crucial in protecting your hands and feet from the strong impact of the movements that you have to execute. Many martial arts cannot be performed properly without proper footwear.

For instance, boxing gloves prevent your hands from bruising while proper shoes give you a stable stance inside the ring. Similarly, Muay Thai requires a specific pair of hand wraps during training, whereas judo, karate or taekwondo are often performed without specific gloves and shoes.

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a pair of these at the beginning of your training since most training centres, including Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy, provide each student with what they need. However, you can purchase your own if you plan to build a collection.

Remember to wash your gear, especially the gloves and footwear, after every training session to keep them from acquiring a bad odour. 

Sparring gear

If you’re a beginner, you will be taught the basic movements and you won’t be immediately required to spar with another student. Once you’re properly trained and equipped with enough knowledge about martial art, you will be introduced to sparring sessions.

Some of the basic items that you must have are a mouth guard, groin protector, and headgear, among others.

A mouth guard protects your teeth as you receive impact on the chin area. A groin protector softens the blows targeted at your crotch while shin guards cushion the legs from impact. You will also need headgear and chest protectors to avoid head and body injuries as you play. 

These items must be properly fit with your body to achieve maximum protection during sparring. If your gear is too tight or too loose, you will have a hard time in the proper execution of the movements.

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