Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy: Junior beginner class

Welcome to Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy! If you are a beginner having difficulties in choosing the right program to kickstart your journey in Taekwondo, then we have the perfect class for you. Let us introduce you to our junior beginner class that is specially designed for beginners to hone their skills in Taekwondo by practising basic moves and techniques. 

In this program, you will be guided by the former champions in the Taekwondo arena. Each of them has a burning passion for the sport and a strong determination to bring out the best in every student. If you’re interested in enrolling for this program, you may check the following information to have a better understanding of what you’ll get out of this class:

Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy Junior beginner class

The junior beginner class offered at our academy is available for children aged 5 to 12 years old. This is where you will earn your white and yellow belts. As a class designed to introduce beginners to the sport, this program will start in the more formal aspects of Taekwondo. 

The essence of the sport, as well as its rich history, will be discussed in this class. The reason for doing this is because we believe that Taekwondo is more than just a fighting sport and we want the students to see it as what it truly is: a sport of discipline and respect. 

After the students are put into the right perspective of Taekwondo, the physical training will finally begin. Here, they will learn about balance, focus, and coordination to help them transition into the next stage of their Taekwondo journey.

Before they can fully step on to the next stage of Taekwondo, the children will undergo rigorous training that will allow them to learn skills that will enhance their connection to the world and their peers, self-confidence, diligence, and pride. These values are key to a good attitude in sports and life. 

The existence of both pride and discipline in their lesson creates a balance in your child’s attitude. With this lesson, your child will know how to follow orders diligently with the knowledge that they are not being abused in the process. They will learn to respect others, but more than that respect themselves first. 

Instil these core values and skills to your child as early as now! Register them to the program for a fun and educational time with their talented peers and instructors. Here’s how you can start registering: 

  1. The first thing that you can do to register is to pick up your phone and dial 8305 273 291026294. We’ll answer any additional question that you may have and schedule a special time for a free trial class. 
  2. Book a free trial class online by simply filling out the necessary information in the form located at our page.

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