Best taekwondo tips from Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy

Mastering the moves and techniques of taekwondo requires discipline, determination and above all, practice. Even though you have laid down in your head the proper execution of punches and kicks, you won’t get better at martial art until you step on the mat. 

Here are some tips that can help you ace taekwondo:

Stretch your limbs

Before you start extending your limbs in all places, you must know that there are specific ways you need to do to properly warm your muscles up before training. Instead of performing your workout routines before working out, it is better to stretch afterwards. 

Studies suggest that when you stretch before a workout session, you are possibly harming your muscles instead of improving your flexibility. 

Stretching after a workout, on the other hand, produces significant results since the muscles are warm and elastic. If you plan to practice your moves at home, remember to skip the stretching session for later.

Practice sparring

To properly execute the moves and techniques, your body must get used to the action so that it becomes second nature to you. You can do this by engaging in sparring practices that expose you to similar conditions where you might need to use your skills. 

For instance, you can perform the moves for self-defence if you are using your motor skills as you practice. However, you have to wait until you reach the proper level before you are allowed to engage in sparring matches.

Master the basics

Although the complex kicks and turns seem tempting to learn, it is better to build a strong foundation first by mastering the basic movements and techniques of taekwondo. Most advanced techniques require knowledge and expertise of the basics so you have to master the fundamentals first before moving on to its complexities.

Attend your classes

You can learn the lessons faster if you frequently attend the scheduled classes with your instructor. Whenever you feel like skipping your taekwondo class, you might think that you can simply make it up by practising by yourself.

However, instructors often give tips and suggestions during class that can help you master the martial arts faster. In addition, classes allow you to raise questions and concerns regarding the lessons that do not seem clear to you.

Aside from this, you are less likely to suffer from injuries when you often attend your training sessions. This is because some students lose the strength and limberness needed to perform complex moves and kicks when they rarely show up in practice. 

Make sure that your muscles and entire body remain familiar with the movements by frequently attending your taekwondo classes. 

Listen to the advice of your instructor

Your instructor has been in the industry for a long time so they know the best ways you can improve your skills. They know best which techniques should be prioritised or which ones require a high level of expertise.

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