Be a black belter in taekwondo with these tips from experts

Taekwondo is one of the most exciting activities you can do. This type of martial arts is one of the most popular across the world because of its long history and beneficial effects on the body. Tracing its origins back to Asia, taekwondo is a fighting style that uses a lot of striking using legs and hands.

Usually, it’s defined as a skill used for self-defence instead of attack. Most people think that taekwondo is easy, but it actually requires a lot of discipline and presence in order for you to master its techniques. Are you curious to know more about how to become a competitive fighter? Here are some tips from taekwondo experts. 

Start at an early age 

When it comes to mastering karate, starting young is one of the best options to be familiar with the techniques. According to Somnath Palchowdhury, starting karate young makes it muscle memory for people. If you have a child who wants to start in karate, it’s best if you enroll them in classes early so that they can easily grasp the techniques. 

‘If an individual starts at the age of five or six, practising karate becomes his or her nature. That is very difficult to inculcate into an adult. It is definitely much easier to teach these things to a child. Also, there is the physical aspect. At the age of four or five years, the body is very flexible. We can easily mould them to be good athletes’, he said. 

A good muscle mass is ideal for karate 

When you’re doing karate, it’s important to have a good muscle mass that will give you the strength you need to exert power and flexibility. According to Palchowdhury, having a good muscle mass is important if you want to excel in karate. 

‘In boxing, strength is often more important than speed. So, if a boxer is muscularly built, then it is an advantage for him and his punches will be much heavier. However, in karate heavy punches are not required and we need small focused punches,’ he said. 

He also added that if you’re too flexible, you need to develop your power to control the force you exert when you’re doing karate. 

‘But if you are too flexible then you cannot contract your muscles (as needed) and because of that you cannot focus and generate the power you need. You need to understand your body type, strength and limitations and you have to be loose in your joints to generate kinetic force’, he added. 

Have a good diet and lifestyle 

When you’re doing karate, it’s important to have a good diet and lifestyle to keep your body in tip-top shape. Have a good diet and try to incorporate healthy foods to ensure that your body is supplemented with the nutrients it needs to stay fit and healthy. 

‘We always advise athletes not to do any extra movement so that your opponent is not aware about your next move’.